Offices of The NCSRT Inc.
        Board Member at Large 

   Board Member at Large, 1 year commitment  

          Vice President

   Vice-President, 1 year commitment

          President - Elect

   President Elect, rolls into President's position 


   President, rolls into Board Chair position   

             Board Chair

   Board Chair, 3 year commitment


   Secretary, 1 year commitment

             ASRT Delegate    2 year commitment  (requires travel)


Treasurer is appointed by the board to serve a 1 year term. 
The President-Elect rolls into the President's  position, which then rolls into the Board Chair position.
3 year commitment. President Elect is a year of learning prior to taking on the President position and
then the Board Chair position.
Nominations must be emailed to Taylor Rogers: [email protected]
January 22, 2023
 To learn more about how the organization is run go to the Standing Rules and By Laws.
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