North Carolina Society of Radiologic Technologist Inc.

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Thank You!  Your decision to invest in the ONLY professional organization that works exclusively for Registered Technologists in North Carolina is commendable! The North Carolina Society of Radiologic Technologists, Inc. (NCSRT) is proud of the efforts of our many members who continue to serve all of the communities in North Carolina as professionals.

 The mission of the NCSRT is to give health care professionals the knowledge, resources and support they need to provide quality patient care.  The NCSRT will continue to lead its members, their health care colleagues, the profession and the public on all issues that affect the radiologic sciences. Working to enhance the delivery of radiologic care and to ensure its safety, quality and efficiency, the NCSRT is committed to:

  •   Enthusiastically pursuing Licensure for Radiologic Technologists inNorth Carolina
  •   Continued promotion of professional growth in the radiologic sciences for all members
  •   Providing useful educational opportunities in the radiological sciences and delivering them in innovative ways
  •   Strengthening professional standards
  •   Enhancing the image and reputation of the profession
  •   Promoting unity within the profession while respecting its diversity
  •   Upholding the code of ethics
  •   Supporting research and progress in the radiologic sciences
  •   Promoting registered Radiologic Sciences Professionals as the recognized health care providers of radiologic services
  •   Continually assessing its progress toward achieving its mission

Together we can continue to keep the NCSRT at the forefront of health care in North Carolina. Please extend an invitation to your fellow Registered Radiologic Technologists and ask them to become members. 

 Our strength is unity!  More and more of the 10,000 plus Registered Radiologic Technologists in North Carolina are coming together to promote their roles in health care. Although our duties differ from region to region and day to day, we all share a common goal to provide quality care to our patients.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the NCSRT central office. (phone) 919-724-5800  (email ) [email protected]



Coming together is a beginning,  Keeping together is progress,  Working together is success.

                                                                                                                                      Henry Ford